November 1, 2014

Vintage Fashion Expo | 2014

Can't think of a better way to launch this blog than to share my first time attending the Los Angeles Vintage Fashion Expo. This event is the Comic Con of Vintage, I kid you not. You walk into the lobby of The Reef thinking "Okay, this seems like it will be interesting" and as soon as you hit the second floor it's like Oh. My. God. 
Isles upon isles of booths and showrooms featuring the most beautiful vintage items you've ever laid eyes on. Every era of fashion from the 1920's through the 1980's under one roof, with a few modern items sprinkled in. Admittedly, I tried to cover as much ground as I could fit into an hour and a half and still missed a few areas *Note to self: clear a whole day out of your schedule next year. There was one booth in particular (I hate that I forgot their name) that sold retro tees, handbags, Budweiser swimsuits and trendy new wave accessories. I saw everything at this expo from silk evening gowns to fur coats, but their selection really stood out from the crowd. Overall awesome experience.
In case you're are wondering what I wore in the above photo, this is an Aaliyah-inspired Tommy Hilfiger mini dress from the early 90's. This item will be available for sale sometime this week. In the meantime, there's plenty of new arrivals in stock!

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